Client Love

My clients have gained

• Independence
• Financial freedom
• A change of career
• New projects
• New businesses
• Self love

• Self care
• Motivation
• Balance
• Positive mindset
• Clarity
• Improvements in relationships

But most important of all My clients have achieved a better relationship with themselves.

” Just the right balance “

The journey with Khetsi was more than a coaching series, it was a game changer.
I have been waiting for a life evolution for a long time, but couldn’t find the way.
Khetsi brought me on the right path to make my personal project a reality.

Our discussions were authentic and the exercises pragmatic.
It was just the right balance that could resonate in me and open new perspectives
for my future.

My new mantra thanks to our sessions is now: “I want to see what happens if I dont give up.”
Thank you Khetsi. I recommend this coaching series for all the people who wish to see their life taking a new turn.

Collection Director, Luxury Brand, Paris

” full of love, motivation, and passion “

I recently hit breaking point in my life where externally everything was ok however internally I felt broken, my mood was low, and all the joy and zest for life had been sucked away. I embarked on the coaching series with Khetsi, and whilst I was very hopeful and optimistic that it would certainly help, I had absolutely no idea what was to come.

The pre-coaching questionnaire is very powerful and prompted me to really consider where I was with myself, to shine a light inside, and so I did. The first couple of sessions were good and gently helped me to stop thinking the answers but to feel them, wow….. what can I say, this was a new experience and whilst slightly uncomfortable at first, was something I would soon really look forward to.

By my third session, I was on fire, my eyes were so bright with life and enthusiasm, and I felt like everything was possible. I was excited to do my homework and even more excited for my next session to share my updates and how my life was changing so rapidly in such a positive way.

There is genuinely not enough space to write down all the amazing benefits I have experienced throughout, and since my coaching series however what I can say is Khetsi held a space for me that was full of love, motivation, and passion. She guided me to find my own answers and empowered me to stand in my own truth.

I now understand how essential it is that we invest in ourselves and feel proud that I have invested time and money into me, I am worth it, and now I believe it 

Thank you Khetsi, you really do shine brightly Xx

Partnership manager & Author, Trustee

” I learned to love myself again “

I have been through a series with Khetsi and WOW!!!
I did the 12 weeks with her and at first, I was skeptical because I didn’t know what the outcome would be. After having my son I didn’t know who I was, I was constantly stressed and it felt like a downward spiral so I started a series with Khetsi, and it was the best thing I have ever done I really found who I was and became so much stronger inside and out, I became almost less stressed (sounds crazy right) honestly I don’t stress about the things I used to, I learned to love myself again and really made me a better person for it, so I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, support, and guidance to helping me becomes the best version of me
Forever Grateful

Care worker, Uk

” Her highly professional approach made me feel I matter “

I started coaching with Khetsi in a very difficult period of my life. As a stay-at-home mother of one year old and five year old daughters with husband working a lot, I was taking care of everyone else but not myself, losing touch with my dreams and feeling unhappy. Thanks to her support I gained clarity on what I want and moved much closer to getting it than I expected. Although I had very little time and space between sessions for action steps, I made many of them including prioritising myself and standing up for myself. Khetsi was probably the first person in my life who saw and acknowledged my hidden creative tendencies and helped me not only to uncover them but also to overcome perfectionism and really create. Finding my creative or maybe even artistic identity as well as unleashing my creativity has been a game changer for me and my life and it has brought me so much joy I kept missing for so long. Khetsi has exceptional coaching skills combined with intuition, she was such a great listener, she believed in me and never doubted what I desired, she hold me accountable to my desires but on the other hand I never felt she had expectations I needed to meet. Her highly professional approach made me feel I matter, behave to myself with bigger respect which I deserve and start taking my selfcare and dreams seriously. The biggest change I see (and my husband has noticed, too) is that I do not wait for things to be perfect, I just make them happen, keep moving and improve as I go. And I do not talk myself out of my desires and creative impulses.


Do it. You will not regret it. 

Khetsiwe will tell you herself – this is lifechanging, unexpected, powerful experience. I didn’t get what I thought I needed or wanted from this experience, I got something WAY better and am filled with peace, empowerment and hope.  

I started this series externally having it “all” but feeling burned out, disconnected and lost. I can rebuild my life from ashes and be successful but the little acts of self love, care and respect were missing and my booked and busy life was starting to feel like a prison.

This been gentle yet challenging, huge vulnerability yet great empowerment, feeling the weakest I have felt but also the strongest. I started seeing the results of simple, focused goals set by me almost immediately and whilst it has challenged me in ways I never knew possible, there has been no better person to work with; Khetsiwe embodies love but keeps it real. You will never meet a bigger cheerleader. She is also incredibly kind, funny and brilliant and that energy in itself makes each session amazing and something you want in your life. 

We have laughed, cried, raged, celebrated, and everything in between and I am changed for the better.   This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself and I am sad that this part of the journey is over but I have so many amazing things to take away. Do it. You will not regret it. 


Genuine love, support, guidance

I will never forget my first session with Khetsi, I was so nervous, guarded and apprehensive however I felt completely lost and as if everything was falling apart around me so knew I needed some help. After just a few sessions Khetsi made me see things in myself that I hadn’t ever seen, we focused on a self-love and career goals and can honestly say that I have never felt better or more aligned with myself and my goals. Through her genuine love, support, guidance and tools we made some important decisions which have led me in the right direction. By the 5th session she couldn’t shut me up, I was excited to see her beautiful face and talk through my goals and tasks. What I loved about working with Khetsi the most is that she saw straight through my bs and made me dig deep but I never felt pressured or overwhelmed. Our final session was bittersweet as we knew that we had come to the end, however what transpired was that we had achieved in 6 sessions exactly what I had wanted to achieve when I initially set out my coaching goals.  

I cannot thank you enough Khetsi….I will be forever grateful for you as a coach and now as a friend! I look forward to our monthly check-ins and your other exciting projects, you are not getting rid of me (haha) you are a real life angel xxx lots of love xx


Wow wow wow!
Where do I begin! Khetsi is the magician I didn’t know I needed!

Khetsi’s work is incredible and I cannot thank her enough! You can tell Khetsi truely does love what she does and the way she works is perfect and so unique to each individual and that’s exactly why she get results!

Khetsi has enabled me to flourish and now I’m so happy being me!
Khetsi will help you discover, unfold your true authentic inner self and teach you how to express that on the outside so you can shine and sparkle using your unique powers to help you work towards what you want out of life

Khetsi works in a way that feels so supportive, non judgmental and encouraging but not structured or pressured and because of this it has been such an eye opening, enjoyable journey and I’m still shocked on how she’s done it!

The journey Khetsi took me on was something I never thought I could experience and I have achieved so many great things and a lot of doors with great opportunities have opened since. Khetsi has enabled me to overcome so many obstacles and fears that have been in my way for years

Khetsi has taught me to be my own authentic self and I feel so much lighter, happier, calmer, stronger because if it.

Working with Khetsi is like working with the ultimate best friend. Your biggest cheerleader who wants to see you win and nothing you say to her is questioned. Khetsi loves to find out about people and will always find her own unique approach in order to get you being your best true self 🩷

Personal Trainer

I can honestly say has been a game changer.


Her energy and drive is so infectious


” She was always on hand to respond and guide me through challenges “

Company Director

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