My path to magic began

Hello gorgeous humans. I wanted my first blog to be about me as a coach and a human.

It’s so easy to follow and read about coaches and think that their lives are just perfect, that we wake up breezy everyday, skipping through our pain and trauma with inspirational quotes and green juice. This may be the case for some people and if that’s their journey, awesome. For me, however, maintaining any level of good mindset, positivity, consistency, self-love or self-esteem is daily maintenance. Some days I fall short.

I am a member of a 12-step fellowship and I have been sober for 9.5 years. My sobriety has opened so many doors for me. It has also given me the ability to be open minded. My journey with coaching arises out of the trauma I had to deal with myself. I learnt how to help others by helping myself first.

I have lived through it. I started with suffering when I was in active addiction and progressed to surviving when I first got sober. What came next was having faith in myself and, finally, living. I became the best version of myself to date. The journey never stops; that gives us all hope.

I did a 12-week coaching series with an amazing woman. She took me through the most extraordinary mindset series, and it changed everything for me. I came alive. All of a sudden, I knew I was capable of anything I put my mind to. Not only that, I became aware that I deserved to have a great and fulfilled life. After being helped I knew I wanted to help others. I was energised to share what I had gained on my journey. I met Karen Johnstone (who is also a Beautiful You trained coach) and she introduced me to the Beautiful You Coaching academy. My head told me I wasn’t ready, but the universe said I was and opened the doors for me.

Now I am a qualified life coach. I am my own boss. I have time freedom and I make a good living. I can truly say I am living my best life.

I hope this gives you some insight into me as a human and a person of service.