Eclipsed for a while there

Have you ever felt uncomfortable inside your own skin?

That something is making you itch but you don’t know where to scratch?
This month has been unexpectedly tough: relationships have become icky and conversations sticky with unpleasantness. And all this against the background of an unraveling global crisis.
I realised I was edging towards junk–junk food, junk thoughts, junk statements–and that brought me up short because I’ve been there, done that, could have written the book a long time ago. There is no fix for these moments other than to tame our minds so that we uncover more time for others. It’s by stilling the mind and residing in silence that we rediscover our roots and realise that this human world is made up of stories, too much talking. We don’t need to talk the talk but walk the walk. The only place to live is now. Our chattering minds can only chatter about the past or the future–stories! Living the life is simply getting on with it, being compassionate towards ourselves as well as others and offering gratitude for the privilege of being here. And being now.

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