My Story

I know by now you are aware I am a Mindset and Authenticity Coach, but there is so much more to me as Khetsi the human being, woman, survivor, mother, wife and coach.

Just as I know there is so much more to you than what everyone sees on the surface.

I see you. And so here’s more of me for you to see too. 

The Beginnings and Descent

I was birthed in Africa, grown in the UK and flavoured by Hong Kong.

I hold the unique story of being a Black child adopted by loving white parents. 

Which meant I always ‘stuck out.’ And not always in a great or understandable way. I had to explain my existence a LOT. 

“Why is your Mum white?” “Are they really your parents?” “Where do you really come from?”

It felt like a weight on my shoulders from a very tender age when I was simply trying to grow up and find my place in the world.

When my parents divorced, everything fell apart in my world. I lost my anchors and felt like my heart had broken. I tried to put it back together. And tried. And I simply couldn’t.

I began to search for help to mend myself – but in all the wrong places.

Like so many other brilliant, loving and soulful people, my desire to ‘feel better’ led me down a path of numbing my increasingly disembodied existence through addiction.

And what was initially a high of feeling like I was gaining control; quickly spiralled into the depths of mental illness and addiction, as well as lost friends, jobs, income, relationships.

And what felt like my soul. 

It’s only now on the incredibly bright and beautiful other side of that time that I now know my soul essence was always with me – just hidden beneath a mountain of pain and uncertainty about my own identity and who I truly was in the world. 

The Reckoning and Rising…

After going to rehab multiple times, it was time number four when I realised I never wanted to be in a rehab ever again. 

(And yes, four is now one of my favourite numbers!)

I had reached my ‘enough’ point. My version of rock bottom.

I grasped on – with a LOT of courage, determination and will – to the growing desire I had to be a truly functioning member of society.

I wanted to be…




A Mother.

A Wife.


A Loving Member of my Family. 

And I knew for those things to be possible I had to turn up for myself in a whole new way. 

I committed to my healing and my first step back into the ‘real world’ was as a server in a chicken shop. It was one of the best times of my life.

I was a member of the human race. I made people’s day. (Hot chips right?!) I was earning my own money. Independant. Engaged. Helpful. 

And I had a purpose and reason to get up and share my true self (which is SO bright, wondrous and beautiful) every day. 

I went on to work in creative fields like fashion and design and then my heart led me to being a support worker in a drug and alcohol treatment centre.

My life was coming full circle. My soul was birthing itself again. 

I worked with clients who were struggling with alcoholism, drug use, sex addiction, gambling and eating disorders and with local probation authorities and police. I felt entirely lit up by guiding clients to put into place strategies to honour their wholeness and life desires and become – as I was now – a productive member of society.

That work and pivotal time in my life lit a fire inside me for helping others and the personal development field.

I also knew I needed to continue to work on myself but realised I had run my course with therapy and knew that was no longer what I needed to continue to evolve.

And with so much grace and gratitude – that’s when I found life coaching.

The Soul Ascension and Becoming a Coach!

I enrolled in a group coaching program with a life coach and it was an amazing experience. I quickly realised I wanted to be a coach too as I could see the transformations that it made possible within people.

How could I not want more? And give more too?

I connected with a local life coach to me here in Bournemouth and she introduced me to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I knew I had found my community and people when I stepped into training with them in such an in-depth, inclusive, trauma informed and extraordinary way and I am now a qualified life coach through an ICF certified coaching academy.

I am also a wife to a loving husband, mother to a divine boy and entrepreneur (yes – all those things I once dreamed of!) having worked with many coaching clients who are looking to live their most authentic, creative and brilliant life. And I know this is just the beginning for me of what is truly my life’s path. 

I walk through life now in HIGH definition.

Whereas previously everything felt so dull, life for me now is filled with love, happiness and the inevitable daily ‘stuff’ that I know I can more than meet. I feel completely in love (yes – in LOVE!) with this iteration of Khetsi – as well as all the iterations of her previously that have made my current reality possible. 

My commitment to my personal growth and my own coaching as well as my comprehensive coach training, has given me all of these things and I continue to work on myself deeply – which all the very best coaches do.

I own my gifts

I own my shadows.

I own my uniqueness. 

I own my story.

I own who I am. Completely. 

And Now….To You!

And it is now my honour to be here in my wholeness – ready to witness yours.

Whether you are feeling lost on your life path, buried beneath the expectations of others, unsure of who you truly and authentically are, struggling with your self-esteem and self-care, or dealing daily with a nasty inner critic that is keeping you small and distant from all your heart desires – I’m so glad you are here.
That’s not a coincidence.
Or a mistake.
I knew when it was my time.
And I know yours is now too.

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