A Date With Fear

A Date With Fear

I took my fear to lunch today
We needed to have a chat
I told her ‘I’ve just had a child,
I’m not disgusting and fat

Another chat with fear that day
I said ‘this isn’t cool,
I’m not a failure, l’m not stupid
You’ve been saying this since school

Hey fear, I’m glad you’re here
Im no trying to deny you
I’m trying to find a way where you don’t
walk in front but I actually walk beside you

Fear, don’t get defensive
At times you keep me safe
But sometimes you cross the line
I need to have more faith

So whilst I’m not asking you leave my life
Or go away forever
Maybe we can change the vibe
And start to work together

Look I know it hard to hear truth
sometimes, I know.
But we needed to have this chat.
So my life can finally grow

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